Behavior is controlled by a communication-mechanism, performed by electromagnetic waves of information between neurons, to update connected neurons according to recorded changes in their astrocytes.

Each electromagnetical signal contains the kind of information that is needed by the target cells to update their own astrocytes (as memories).

That information is passed by the coded magnetic field of ‘ad hoc’ neuropeptides, containing a variety of flavors of amines (serotonin, dopamin, nor-adrenalin, tyramin….).


example described by David deWied

How to control behavior using billions of neurons.

Using psychotics to damage random and countless synapses causes irrevesible nervous disorders.

Fernand Haesbrouck, 26 / 08 / 2017.

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Belgian pharmacist. ( Ieper, Belgium) ° 13/01/1945 Author of the book : ADHD-medicatie: medische megablunder. ( ADHD-drugs: medical megablooper) ISBN: 978-909021709-3
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