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Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) Committee Confirms Its Own Publication Is Based On Lies

In 2012, last year and until this very day the publication of the 2013 DSM 5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) has been received and opposed with a whole set of objections by a growing list of concerned doctors [1], who are really starting to see that the whole idea of subscribing medication to patients for the sole purpose of stimulating the very act of prescribing itself in order to drug patients with drugs that are harmful only and which do not even fight any disease or disorder at all – let alone heal any patient – is right out appalling and above all meets no standards of ethics of any kind anywhere in the civilized world and only fills the already overloaded coffers of big pharma and often like in Belgium with the full assistance of the government through the just-as-corrupt healthcare system. You can read the About page of the Truth Sector website to find a good example of this.

But what is even more striking about the big pharma bible, DSM, to control populations by destroying their brains on purpose is the fact that the DSM committee on one hand deems itself truly almighty in the field of mental disorders and therefore can not be outclassed by anyone:

  • There is in fact no outside organization that has the capacity to replicate the range of expertise that DSM 5 has assembled over the past decade to review diagnostic criteria for mental disorders.

All the while that same committee confirms that the entire DSM manual is completely based on medical-corporative jive.

  • There is no “gold standard” for defining mental disorders and many other medical disorders without pathognomonic biological markers, each revision of diagnostic criteria has been seen as the best current set of diagnostic criteria that are meant to be used in clinical practice and tested for their validity.

Let the above excerpt sink in for a while… according to the very preachers and sales sharks of lets say ADHD there is no scientific way of diagnosing and defining mental disorders.

If that does not prove to the whole population on this planet that all of those folks INCLUDING MILLIONS OF CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD on prescription drugs, in order to feel better due to any mental disorder or implication that has been diagnosed, are being lied to big time then I can not see any other way of demonstrating the very obvious in this matter.

How can any self-respecting doctor in any field and specifically in the mental healthcare sector prescribe any medication to his or her patient, allegedly in order to alleviate the suffering, and claim he or she is helping the patient while the very doctor has no factual basis for even filling out any prescription note when it comes to mental disorders or implications?

A special thank you to Belgian Pharmacist Fernand Haesbrouck for pointing to the linked documents.



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Belgian pharmacist. ( Ieper, Belgium) ° 13/01/1945 Author of the book : ADHD-medicatie: medische megablunder. ( ADHD-drugs: medical megablooper) ISBN: 978-909021709-3
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